Affordable Customized Modular Kitchens & Modular Furniture Designs

We deal in a wide range of Modular Furniture that includes Modular Kitchens, Modular Storage Solutions, office furniture, home Furniture etc. Every piece is made to measure and within budget. We offer the following services.:

Consultation: We offer consultation to our customers, which at times may involve site visits. Site visits allow us to have a look at your space and surroundings and create and present various design options to match the theme of your house/office. While designing furniture for your space we combine your requirements with our creative ideas to present the most functional options.

Design & Install: We design modular kitchens and furnitures for every room that includes beds, bunk-beds, chest of drawers, wardrobes, book-shelves, shoe racks, crockery & T.V units, and more. All design ideas are aimed at maximizing use of available spaces. Every piece of furniture that we design is customized keeping your taste and space in mind.

Work within Budget: Designing and renovation is indeed exciting as an idea, but the biggest hurdle is the cost involved. Fortunately, this won’t be a matter of issue at Sandook, as we design within budget and quote a fair budget for every service given.

Quality: We do not deal in inferior, pre-made units made with non-durable material, or limited range of style and colors. There is abundant choice for our clients and we design units using the most lasting and exclusive materials. Every piece of furniture is custom designed; installed in your home/office by our skilled workmen.

Client relationships are extremely valuable to us. Whether it’s an architectural firm, interior design firm, developer, hotel, school, showroom, or private individual, we serve everyone with the same commitment!

To take an appointment, please call +91 74474 39387, or +91 89836 02527 or send an email.